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Welcome to Sunderland Tiling Contractors, your go-to destination for exceptional floor tiling services in the UK. Our expertise transforms ordinary floors into stunning, durable, and functional masterpieces.

Create visually appealing floors with our floor tiling expertise. Choose from various floor tiling designs, colours, and patterns that complement your space. Our personalised floor tiling solutions reflect your unique style preferences. Invest in long-lasting floor tiling solutions supplemented by high-quality materials. Our floor tiles stands the test of time in busy family homes and commercial establishments.

Life is busy, but our seamless floor tiling services simplify home and commercial floor maintenance. Our experienced tiling contractors do a clean job, and once the floor is ready, you can mop and sweep the tiles to keep them pristine. Your bathroom floor and kitchen are more prone to water damage. Our water treated floor porcelain tiles and ceramic tiles are ideal for these spaces. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your floors are well-protected. 

Carpets can be problematic for those with allergies or respiratory issues as they tend to trap allergens. Floor tiles, on the other hand, do not harbour allergens, making them a healthier and cleaner option for your living spaces.


Our Floor Tiling Process

We take pride in delivering a seamless and stress-free floor tiling experience.

Personalised Consultation: We take the time to understand your vision for your floor tiling project. Our experts offer professional advice to bring your ideas to life.

Material Selection: We assist you in choosing the perfect tiles that complement your space and meet your functional needs. We work with all types of tiles.

Surface Preparation: Our experienced team takes care of the preparation work, ensuring your floor surface is clean, level, and ready for tiling. Proper surface preparation is crucial for achieving flawless and long-lasting results.

Precise Installation: With meticulous attention to detail, our skilled tilers expertly lay the tiles. We ensure precise alignment, uniform spacing, and a seamless finish that elevates the entire space.

Grouting and Finishing: The final touches matter, and we pay special attention to grouting and finishing to ensure your tiles achieve the perfect look you envisioned.

Premium Floor Tiling for Every Space and Room

Our expert floor tilers cater to both residential and commercial spaces, and know how to work with all types of floors. We can help with all your rooms, including but not limited to:

Living Areas: Bring elegance and comfort to your living room and dining area with our exquisite floor tiles options.

Kitchens: Enhance the heart of your home with functional and stylish floor tiles that can handle the demands of cooking and spills. We know how to take care of your kitchen floor tiles.

Bathrooms: Create a soothing oasis with water-resistant bathroom floor tiles that add a touch of luxury to your bathroom.

Hallways and Foyers: Make a lasting impression with welcoming and eye-catching floor tiles that sets the tone for your space. 

Retail Stores: Elevate your retail space with floor tiles highlighting your products and creating a memorable shopping experience for your customers.

Restaurants and Cafes: Design inviting and attractive spaces with floor tiles that complement your establishment’s theme and ambience.

Offices: Promote productivity and professionalism with floor tiles that create an inspiring work environment.

And more: Our expertise extends to other areas where exceptional floor tiling can make a difference.

Garden Tiles: Enhance Your Outdoor Spaces

Create enchanting outdoor havens with our exquisite garden tiles. Transform your garden, patio, or courtyard into a relaxing retreat with tiles harmonising with nature. Our garden tiles are visually appealing and durable enough to withstand varying weather conditions.

Functional and Beautiful: Our garden tiles, from pathways to patios, add functionality and aesthetics to your outdoor spaces. Create a seamless transition between your indoor and outdoor areas using the same or complementary tiles to establish a cohesive design.

Non-Slip Surfaces: Safety is paramount, especially in outdoor areas exposed to rain and moisture. Our garden tiles are available in slip-resistant varieties, providing peace of mind and preventing potential accidents.

Why Choose Sunderland Tiling Contractors?

  • Quality Craftsmanship and 15+ years of experience
  • Diverse Floor Tiling Selection for Every Aesthetic and budget
  • Professional Guidance and clear communication throughout the project
  • Customer-Centric Approach – Guaranteed satisfaction.
  • Reliable and Timely Services with minimal disruption 

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